[box-2][title align=”center” type=”line”]Hi! I’m Maddy[/title]

A yoga guide, meditation teacher and former restaurant cook, here to help you create the energy you need to Be who you want to Be.

For as long as I an remember I have been insatiably curious about the human body and mind and it’s potential as a force for creating good in the world.

Restaurant kitchens, organising events, raising a family, running a business, means I KNOW what it means to be busy. In fact I used to wear that as an honour badge, until life hit me and caused me to re-evalute, practically EVERYTHING.

Now, I also know what it means to feel full of energy, happy and fulfilled with how I am living my life and in doing so, bring more joy, love and happiness to those around me.

I invite you to join me for easy movement, guided meditations, yummy recipes and simple actions which will help you easily create the change you dream of

After working with change makers from all over the world, I have discovered it’s the ‘little things’ that make the biggest differences and I want to support you with tips and tricks, I have learnt, so you can focus on these ‘little things’ to create the health and happiness you crave.

Here’s some random things about me you might not know…

  • Born: in Sydney, Australia.
  • Background: glorious mix of northern european, chinese, polynesian and the list goes on….
  • First pet: 2 goldfish called Rocky & Bullwinkle.
  • My first paid job was:  babysitting my cousins & the post office run on a friday afternoon for my aunty.
  • Big loves: So many: My husband, my kids, moving in my body, music, silence, learning.
  • Biggest time waster: Variable: at the moment it’s Netflix.
  • Defining life moments and what I learnt from them SO many!! Here’s a few,
  • Early morning swims with the whole family (great grandmother included) at Bronte baths. Learnt :  the beauty of an early morning swims and the power of family love. 
  • Leaving Australia, bound for Italy, at age 19 for a ‘working holiday’ …..  Learnt: to follow my heart. 
  • The births of my 3 children. Learnt: Love, awe, pure joy, inner strength…. still learning!
  • Finding the courage to leave the family business after 18 years… Learnt: Your intuition matters. 
  • Guiding my first yoga class and knowing it is what I am born to do. Learnt: to trust that inner knowing that it always guiding me. 
  • World Peace flame arriving in Italy. Learnt: the power of what can happen when we take our dreams from ‘me’ to WE. 

I hope we can take this journey together..


Maddy XO



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