Meditating with kids
This is something very dear to me as we all know the future is with our children and future generations. By teaching our children to connect to their breath and take a moment in their day to sit in silence we are creating a happier more peaceful generation for the future.

I love this quote, because I found it to be so true in my own experience, I mean who doesn’t want to be less angry, less anxious, and so on and so forth? And who wouldn’t want this for our kids?

So with us it kind of happened naturally, I went from only meditating in my room with the door closed, to slowly meditating out in the lounge room before the kids woke up. Now I meditate in the middle of the lounge room while the kids are doing homework, and playing around me.

I remember this one time when I was sitting in silence, with my eyes closed early in the morning, it was very peaceful and I just notice this presence near me, obviously I was wandering which of the kids it was and what they were going to do next- but I kept my eyes gently closed and drew my attention back to my breath. Slowly the little person sat down beside me and placed his hand on my hand as it was resting on my leg. This small action from him brought a beautiful sense of joy and peace in the moment. We sat for a few moments more in silence together then I slowly opened my eyes and turned toward him, he moved into my lap and we had a cuddle.

So while I had been thinking, how will I get the kids to begin to meditate? Just by doing and letting them in on the experience it happened all by itself.

So how can you start meditating with your kids, my advice would be don’t push it. Just be a good example of having your own practice and if and when they seem interested be open to letting them sit with you, maybe on your lap, or next you. Maybe if they’re older, you could lie side by side and do a relaxation recording. What ever seems to get their interest and in the moment. Be ready for the moment when it presents itself.

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