When I was young, after school, I would love to go and spend time with my Nanna. My Nanna was a magical person. I think most Nanna’s are but for me she was extra magical. Certain afternoons I would stop by and I would be bothered by some problem or another. A boy, a teacher, whatever it may have been. And Nanna being as magical as she was, always had the perfect solution.

She would ask me to make her a cup of tea. Because as she liked to point out, no one could make tea like I could. So of course, I would make her some tea. As I was making the tea, she would send me on some sort of hunt around the kitchen. Either for some particular type of tea. Or maybe for some biscuits.  But of course they would be very specific and also not even there to begin with. After my 10 minute search for whatever she sent me for around the kitchen, she would just give up and say, “oh well, just make it however you like.” And so I would.

And as we would sit down together, both enjoying our tea, would notice how she took her very first sip. With a great inhale she would enjoy the aroma and with even greater exhale show just how much she enjoyed that cup of tea. Even though it was most likely the same tea I had made her last time. After this she would then turn to me and say, “ok my love, what was that problem again?”

But my Nanna knew, I had already forgotten the problem. And so the problem seemed quite small as compared to how it did when I arrived. But again, she knew this already. In fact that was what she was hoping for.

Many times, we can get so wound up and fixated on a problem, that no possible solution could ever be in sight. But yet, but just the simple act of taking a few moments to help another soul, the problem seems to go away on its own. Maybe even a solution has come. Maybe not. The important thing is that the “problem” is no longer bringing its negative energy into your universe. Because really we have no problems or solutions. Only moments to enjoy and live.


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