One of the first things I did after hitting rock bottom back in 2009 was clean up my diet. Among other things that included taking out sugar. This single step improved my health and my life dramatically. After I changed the way I ate, my self-esteem improved and I began to trust myself again. These were the first steps in learning true nourishment.

Can you see yourself in any of the “sugar feelings” below?

[excerpt taken from “Little Sugar Addicts” by Dr Kathleen DesMaisons PH.D.]
  • Feeling inadequate
  • Having low self-esteem
  • Feeling victimized
  • Taking things personally
  • Feeling that life is out of control
  • Feeling overwhelmed
  • Overreacting to criticism
  • Living in a “twilight zone”

I know I could, actually if I tell you the truth, I could see myself in all of them at one time or another.

If you resonate with any of the feelings listed above, you may be more sensitive to sugar than you realize. The good thing is, now you know and you can do something about it!

So what’s the first step to taking control of your health?

A good breakfast.

Why? To give yourself and your blood sugar levels the best start to the day

So, what is a good breakfast?

Make sure you include:

*  a little protein

*  Complex carbohydrates such as whole grains

*  Vegetables (you get used to having vegetable at breakfast:  think fresh tomato, grilled mushrooms, handful of rocket)

But WHAT SHOULD I EAT? I can hear you ask? Don’t worry I got you covered, here are some quick and easy suggestions…

1.    Mushrooms on wholegrain toast with labne (yogurt cheese)

2.    Rye toast with tomato, avocado and ricotta

3.    Egg on toast with tomato

4.    Buckwheat porridge, plain yogurt and berries

5.    Tuna and potato hash browns with a dollop of labne (yogurt cheese)

And now I hear you say, but I don’t have Time!

The first 3 breakfasts items on this list take 5 minutes to make, yes, literally 5 minutes. And most can be prepped the night before.

I KNOW you can carve 5 minutes today and begin your journey to true nourishment.

Now I’d love to hear from you,

Can you see yourself the feelings above?

Where could you carve 5 minutes in your day to take a step toward better health?

Looking forward to hearing from you in the comments below

Love and awesomeness




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