A few days ago I had the honour of meeting a very special man by the name of Dr Mansukh Patel. It really was a dream come true.

[a gift for Mansukh, thanking him for showing us the difference one person can make. Thanks to my friend Sofie for this very special pic]

I dream of world peace, this man also dreams of world peace.

Yet, not only does he dream of it, he is making it happen. Mansukh’s vision combined with his spirit, has been the spark to ignite the flame, which has formed Dru yoga and the World Peace flame… their dream as ambitious as it is simple: One flame, uniting people, Worldwide….

When I see what he has achieved I am in awe of what one person can do in one lifetime. Needless to say this meeting had me questioning my own goals and dreams…

You see, I have often felt that my dreams are too big…
Dreams like, World Peace.

Yet, here I was standing in front of a glorious man who had followed his dream from the beginning, from a small hut in Kenya to the United Kingdom and on to making friends and forming family of change makers who have created more amazing change in the world than can fit in one blog post.

We spent a glorious afternoon in his company. Listening, learning and singing…for you can be sure whereever the Dru team goes there will be singing!

To conclude the afternoon we were all given a prerelease copy of his new book: MAP [master action plan] which includes some of Mansukh’s secrets for creating and propelling your life forward in a big way.

[MAP: your master action plan]

As we said goodbye we were given another gift; this time in the form of a quote of Mansukh’s. You can see mine below:

The magic is in those words:

“your vision needs to be so clear that it pulls you forwards”

So, today I invite you to ask yourself these 3 questions

1. Are you clear on what you want?

2. Do you know why you want it?

3. Do you feel passionate about it?

If any of these questions spark something inside your heart you may like to ponder the questions below….

“If we don’t start creating the world we want to live in, who will?”

All my love Maddy XO

To find out more about Mansukh and his work check out:



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