Do you ever feel overwhelmed with all the information we have nowadays?  You can learn ALOT on the internet! 30 days to this, 7 day challenges to that, there is information coming at us from every direction most of it is for free!

Have you ever opened your inbox and felt instantly exhausted?

I know I have. According to my inbox I am going to Increase my email list, learn to do a TedX talk, Create a Life I Love, Quit Sugar, Learn to teach meditation, Go to school meetings at all my kids schools (I have 3), not to mention learn to create my own online course, design a website and fix my copy writing ALL IN THE NEXT 30 DAYS!

Lucky for my family I’m also signed up to quick healthy meals in minutes or there would be no time to cook dinner either!

But here’s the thing. If I honestly tried to do all the things I have signed up for I wouldn’t have the time for anything else or be able enjoy the life I am working so much at creating.

I think so many of us want to be healthier and better people and do better in the world not to mention lead meaningful lives – but there comes a time when we have to stop.

We have to Stop.

And check – in… with ourselves.

Today I did just that. I walked down to the lake, sat and just listened. The water was still and calm and I had the company of a few ducks, on the shore.

The longer I sat, the pressing issues of what I had “to do” in the next 30 days seemed to just dissolve.. I let out a long sigh and sat a little longer. Just listening.

You see if we don’t take this time to stop and listen to ourselves, how are we ever going to know what’s really important to us and where we should be placing our time and energy?

We could just keep going and doing, doing and going…but we would run a great risk. The risk of missing out on what I believe to be the essence of life. Being. Being with our loved ones, engaging in our work, really living our values and being present with exactly who is in front of us right now.

Mahatma Ghandhi said “Be the Change”

He didn’t say Be the change, 7, 28 or 40 days…

He simply said “Be the Change”

And the only time is now.

And if what is important to you involves taking an online course, or creating one – then go for it. But every now and then, stop what your doing and just listen. Listen to you, to what is really important to you. And be that. And don’t forget to sign up for easy meals in minutes so you and your family can eat well 😉

Over To You

Have you ever signed up to so many things you feel overwhelmed?

What do you do in order to put your time and energy where it is needed most?

Lots of Love

Maddy XO


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