Does this look completely unrealistic or a little like what you imagine heaven to look like?

Or do you believe that this is what life looks like when you have more money or more time?

Or both? Or perhaps this looks so unobtainable to you right now you are shaking your head and thinking “as if!”

Social media often uses images such as this one to portray   meditation .

Yet for a mum juggling work, life and a family, images such as this one can seem so far removed from reality, it could stop you from beginning in the first place!

A few years back I would look longingly at images like this one and dream of feeling connected, peaceful and serene, yet the idea seemed totally unobtainable.

Who am I kidding? 5 minutes in the bathroom without being interrupted, seemed unobtainable!

After many trials, I finally invested an online course, carved time for myself and created a daily practice and here’s the thing, while my  meditation   didn’t “look like” the girl in the picture, I did begin to feel the connection, peace and serenity I had dreamt of.

Here’s what I learnt along the way…

1.   Meditation   doesn’t have to look like this. Actually   meditation   doesn’t have to “look” like anything .

2. I do not need make more money or run away to a desert island to be able to feel peaceful and serene

3. We are already ‘connected’ and bringing our attention to the breath reminds us of this.

So, what   does   meditation   look like in my house?

Sometimes it’s a quite affair, just me and my breath early morning, before the rest of the house is awake.

Sometimes there are kids playing around (think bouncing balls and skateboarding) while I put on some headphones on and go through a guided   meditation .

Sometimes it’s while I’m washing up, simply connecting to my breath and the feeling the sensation of the water on my hands.

The most important thing was to carve time for myself to do it.

“ Meditation   doesn’t have to look like anything, simply create time to be with you”

–   Maddy   Gray

Its not how it look that’s important, its the YOU that’s important.

So with that, we’d love to hear from you,

Where in your life could you let go of what you think things should look like and focus on how you want to feel?

All my love   Maddy   XO

P.s. I still feel “I’m winning” when I have a whole 10 minutes in the bathroom -alone! Anyone resonate??


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