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  • Spring Health Retreat ~ May 1-5

    Coming out of winter the body can be slow to respond to the more alive space of spring & the oncoming summer, leaving you feeling a little sluggish and less like ‘YOU’. Which is why we invite you to join… [Continue Reading]

    Spring Health Retreat ~ May 1-5
  • Change begins on the inside

    My body is my temple… A simple saying, yet how many of us really live by that saying? Oh sure you might go to the gym and drink green juice but are you happy? Can you look at all areas… [Continue Reading]

    Change begins on the inside
  • Meditating with kids

    This is something very dear to me as we all know the future is with our children and future generations. By teaching our children to connect to their breath and take a moment in their day to sit in silence… [Continue Reading]

    Meditating with kids
  • Introspection

    Do you dream of creating a life you love but feel like there is something holding you back? What if that something was YOU and the old stories you keep telling yourself? Inner demons, old stories, habitual thought patterns, call… [Continue Reading]

  • A not so random act of kindness..

    A random act of kindness is a selfless act performed by a person or a group wishing to either assist or to cheer up a individual person is to be kind, thoughtful, use your manners, give out compliments, volunteer, and… [Continue Reading]

    A not so random act of kindness..
  • Winding down after a long day…

    You’ve had a wonderfully productive day and now you feel quite exhausted and ready for bed. Taking one last look at you phone, relived there are no messages, you notice it’s 11.35pm and you switch the phone to flight mode…. sliding into… [Continue Reading]

    Winding down after a long day…

What Is Nourished Yoga?

Welcome to nourished yoga with Maddy Gray. Yes we believe in the yoga and yes we believe in the meditation but for us it is so much more than that. Yoga is about feeling. It’s about understanding your body and your mind and responding to what they need most. It’s about listening, really listening to yourself so you can leave a bigger impact on the world. Even bigger than your wildest dreams could imagine. I invite you to come and join me this journey to build a bigger and brighter future for the next generation.


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